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Right now, the only thing worse than the state of the Philadelphia 76ers is the haircut on top of Tom Orrino's head.

You people all need to get a grip. It's the freaking SIXERS. This team has no heart, no coach and no talent. Get used to it for the next 5 years because this isn't a quick fix.

I personally only watch the Sixers for two reasons.

1. For the outside chance that Hip Hop one day will break his ankle while doing one of his trampoline dunks. Either that or the guy inside of the costume has a heart attack and starts convulsing on the hardwood floor. If I was the PR guy I'd have a halftime spectacular of blindfolding that piece of trash mascot and making him run around the court trying to dodge bear traps. A rapping, dancing, urban rabbit for a mascot ... a big "Bravo!" to the marketing genius who thought up of that one.

2. When I overeat at dinner, I turn on the Sixers to get a glance of Dee Lynam to instantaneously throw up any food in my body and pass out from looking at that troll. I've never seen such a train wreck of a woman. For the love of God ... comb your hair, put on some makeup to cover up your pock marks on your face and stop wearing blouses that show off your grandmom cleavage. If I had the choice, I'd rather make love to Tyrone Hill ... and I'm a heterosexual male.

This is all George Bush's fault. He doesn't care about practice.
Comcast (The Roberts) - Fire Ed Snider now and ask him to take his loyal incompetent family members with him. Please free us, the fans!
The NBA is a horrible product. Who wants to pay to see a bunch of overpaid clowns who could care less about the fans. Until the NBA gets rid of gauranteed contracts it will continue to be a circus
Iverson is a HUMANBEING, and one of the best basketball players in the NBA. You want to see a thug walk the streets of Philadelphia after 1am. You will see the diffrence between a baller and a thug.
Philly doesn't deserve A.I. Where would the Sixers be without him. I'll tell you where! Just like the Bobcats! No draw! He needs to go where he is appreciated and not judged. And to a team that has a chance in hell at getting a ring. A.I. please come to Atlanta! Where you are loved!
He is a punk!!! Always has been!!!! Now he will get what he deserves! He plays great individual basketball but can't spell team - Good luck A.I
This whole ordeal has gotten way out of hand, the Sixers and the city of Philadelphia need to get this mess over with and let the healing begin.
Kina, I like how, because of people like you, our society has now become a place where if you do something wrong (missing practice, skipping fan events, cursing out the coach, etc), and you are called out or reprimanded for it, you are being judged. What a sad state of affairs. I would think that an "elite" athlete who is also a grown male making $17 mila year would be able to handle some criticism/judgement for his indiscretions. Apparently not in America, not anymore. Also, give me a break, Atlanta is further from a championship than the Sixers. Great management over there, how'd passing over chris paul for marvin williams work out? Or drafting shelden williams 10 spots too high?

I guess when AI was -alledgedly - prowling the projects in west Philly looking for his wife while totting a gun he was a baller then and not a thug, right?

This guy is, was and always will be human garbage.

Billie King is only at fault because Iverson was really the GM of the team. king had to check with him on all the trades he made. He had to check with him on coahcing decisions (after the Chris Ford debacle). Li'l Billie had to always check with The Cancer...I mean The Answer on everything he did.

King is at fault for never being a man and standing up to this petulant little child. However, Iverson is at fault for this horrid team. But, he don't care. he's getting his 30 points on 37 shots per night so all's good with AI.

The people they should really get rid of are Billy King(please-kids can pick better players), and Mo Cheeks(Great player, but coaching is not his forte --come on, the guy cried after a game in Portland.....)

This is all King's fault...not trading him sooner, Webber's contract, etc. This team is screwed for some time.

Just get first round picks!

And now this hasty trade stuff! They should have TO'd him, then trade later.

Don't come to the A-T-L, we don't love you regardless of what Kina says. All the bruthas in A-town may say they love you, but when AI comes and makes our team even more of an embarassment, the love will dry up. AI is a spoiled, pampered, immature jerk who is getting exactly what he deserves.
Please AI change your mind. Give us Bobcats fans something to cheer for.
billy king should be the one gone. he know's nithing about basketball. BILLY KING YOU SUCK!!
I hope Iverson gets a cap busted into his you know what!
What yall don't get is Iverson was being shopped by the sixers for the last couple of years, so he didnt "demand" a trade as finnally accept the fact that it was time. And yes he doesnt have a no trade clause, but come on, how many teams want a unhappy iverson in their locker room for the next three years? So that is why he can kind of command where he goes, because he can say, you want me, cool, but I will destroy the team. Did'nt anyone learn from TO, that you can't tell a rich many what he has to do. he will show up, but like to said, I will not be happy and will not be a good soldier. So dont expect anything positive when i get there. This is why teams will make sure AI wants to be there before he is traded. Also, Iverson deserves better, he made a lot of money for Snider and the sixers. Way more than he made in salary.
I think the Sixers should move him anywhere besides the Atlantic division. You don't want to play against AI four times a year and have him average 50+ against us.
Shame to see him go
Snyder lets these subpar GMs stay too long (Clarke, Williams).. he lets the AI trade get mismanaged.. total bumbling. Hi, lets sit Iverson, announce we are trading him.. oh wait, he still has to approve any trade? So we're F-ed, and gonna get a back of dirty gym socks for him? Woooooooooooooooops!
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