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trade Utley, Howard, Hamels, and Meyers for Andruw Jones. Then the Phils will win the world series!
I keep seeing Mike Arbuckle usingf the word "trying" a lot. Same word Eddie Wade used a lot too. "Trying" is what you do in the minors. Up here, you get it done.
The feeling is with the recent inflated free agent pitcher signings, Leiber is a bargain at 7 million. If so, why would you want to trade a bargain? I would say keep him. If he pitches well, his value just goes up.
I want Burrell gone. He didn't help us last yr and his mechanics are a mess. We need someone better. He has to go. Get Wells in here if possible. Burrell K's way too much. 150+

Pat Burrell's struggles are all George Bush's fault.

George Bush doesn't like the Philadelphia Phillies.

Lieber for Brad Lidge. They can't afford Pettite or Clemmons after the Carlos Lee deal.
Vernon Wells is officially on the block. Toronto needs starting pitching and they can't afford to sign Wells. His value is at its peak. Gillick can't miss this opportunity. He lives in Toronto for F#$%'s sake! Now the Met's are talking to Toronto about Wells. As are the Dodgers with a surplus of pitching (Brad Penny, Chad Billingsly). Rowand, Lieber, Madsen, Myers, Burrell should all be in play in a potential deal for Wells.
Burrell is fine...he's like dennis rodman...he fouls a lot but he also gets a lot of assists/RBI's and he is a Met Killer...now if we can get him to wear a wedding dress and parade down south street we might actually appreciate his limited abilities more and understand that in the NL East he is a good fit and while he may strike out he also probably saves a run a game because players do not take the extra base on him...this will be more evident if the new and improved pitching staff can actually get people out and then we will notice how big the little things really are. bottom-line is there aren't a ton of 30 HR 100RBI guys out there. Be happy we will have the best offense in baseball & a not to shabby defense...as always...pitching & not a 30 HR 100RBI Assist Machine Left fielder's who strikes out alot will ultimately determine the Phillies success.
Actually, Pat's problem is the insipid amoral philosophy of Moveon.org and the Dem-lefties who don't seem to care if truth abides as long as one looks good, feels good and is hip. Pat is all of that. Now if he could only have the will and drive and committment of the Puritans!!
Ed Wade said, "ohhhhhhhh."Meyers and Hamels are gonna be excellent #2 and #3s, whichever way it ends up. Garcia pushes them back, and improves the whole staff because of they day they pitch now. Its incredible what signing an Ace can do to a rotation.
People, come on. This team led the NL in runs last year, they are more than adequate at the plate. Well would be great at the right price but theres no need to trade the whole team for Wells, who will probably sign with his home town Rangers next year anyway. Manny won't come here, he wants to leave Boston because he hates their fans, he'd hate Philly even more. Plus, the Phils don't have the necessary prospects to get him. And Max, please be serious, the Phils put a 7 year offer out to Soriano for the same annual amount $17 mil per. The Cubs make an awful deal siging him until he is 39 with a no trade. Soriano is bad defensively, k's alot, and is coming off a career year that also happened to be a contract year. He is a disasteer waiting to happen.

They are just moving bodies around. None of these aquisitions is even close to a blue chip player.

Howard and Utley will do good and have great numbers. The rest of the team and pitching.....second or third place anyone?

They finsihed second last year with a much worse rotation for half the year. The Mets are going to take a step back, with Pedro hurt and Glavine getting real old and ineffective. The Yanks had a roster full of blue chi[p players, as did the mets, they didn't do so hot. Neither did the Red Sox.
How about Lieber for Mike Gonzalez? He'd be an extra closer. The Braves had the same idea, but were able to get Soriano cheaper.
Bring Back Mookie Wilson or Brett Evans!!!!
Bring Back Steve Jeltz and Rick Shue!!!!
If the Phillies wind up trading for Vernon Wells then maybe Tom Orrino can bring a girl his age to a baseball game instead of importing 18 year old college students from West Chester ... who just wind up dumping him anyway a couple of weeks later.

I think the Phillies should bring back Lenny Dystrka to be the baserunning coach. He was fast.

On a side note, my friend John Rowan is getting so fat he looks like the Fat Guy from Nintendo Ice Hockey. If the Phillies had an Ellios Pizza Free Giveaway night he'd block off a whole section so he could eat all the pizza.

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