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By definition an asanta clausist denies the existence of Santa Claus. To deny the existence of something you must know everything about it, all-knowing. Do you asanta clausists really think you know everything there is to know about Christmas matters? Christmas people on the other hand only need a little bit of proof to know that there is a Santa Claus and that he is active in our lives.
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Well done! Halos from the Atheist "Community of Austin Texas". Austin is the most Atheist city of it's size in the USA. Visit our site on the web or google the "atheist experience" videos on google. There are about 200 or more 1/12 hour shows you can see. We put up a new one every week. Search them by date for the latest ones. Thank you for your insightful article! Atheism has nothing to do with humanism, but most humanist seem to be atheist. By the way, Atheism is merely an opinion about religion the same as religion is. We just think the god idea is a bad one and the religious think its is a good one. But since we both have attitudes about religion, shouldn't we both have the same tax exemptions?
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Absolutely wonderful article, thank you so much. The more articles about what atheist are and aren't the better off we will be.
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I'm an atheist, and thank god for that! hahaha.
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Excellent article! Bravo!
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Alright KUJT -

Point by Point.

"This should be interesting talks about taking a course in Logic. It appears he should have taken courses in grammar and spelling." Sorry, I didn't know I was being graded. This is a typical response from someone on the internet when they have nothing.

"You'll notice that he doesn't name who these atheist war mongers are. Of course that's because these people weren't atheist." Communists were named, perhaps you should learn to read. Communists in the Soviet Union and China were in fact athiest (it is a tenet of Athiesm).

"They rounded up believers and executed them as a means of controlling others. The fact that they were religious was symbolic. " BS. Do a little research. Read a few books. These were athiests who committed these atrocities. Deal with it.

"I just hate it when people who know nothing of history talk about it it as thought they do." Wow, Funny given that you didn't even know about Stalin and Mao Cse Tung, their beliefs and who they killed. And even if you want to deny that they targeted religious to end those beliefs in their country, there is not denying that athiests, rounded up and killed 150 million people in the last century alone. Oh, and don't talk about a grammar check when you can't even do it yourself.

"Here are the facts at hand. God, by any definition, is a belief. There is no proof of the existence of a god. Believers will say "how else could the universe have been created?" Damned if I know. And that's the point. We don't know. You can believe that it was created by an invisible cloud being. That is your right afforded you by the constitution, which was written by men by the way, but what you cannot do is craft legislation designed to make me believe it or pretend that i believe it to avoid persecution or prosecution. That is not constitutionally allowed and I will fight to my last breathe to keep it from happening." Agreed, and this is not happening. See this is not Communist China.

"Even if this country was built on so called judeo-christian principles, which it most assuredly was not" This is the funniest statement in the post. Judeo-Christian principles introduced the world to caring for others, care of the less fortunate, freedom, not stealing, killing, et al. Certainly, this country was based on those principles. Prior to these Judeo-Christian principles, people were eating each other, there was no "civilization" as we know it. If you believe these words, you are an idiot.

", the constitution protects people that believe in logic and fact from the tyranny of a majority blinded by religious fervor. This column from Linda Staten is courageous, witty, and timely and the citizens owe her a debt of gratitude."

Frankly, you can believe what you want, I don't care, but if you are supposed to be so enlightened at least you should be honest.

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Before KUJT or some other enlightened person blows a gasket. I meant to say "Athiesm (it is a tenet of Communism)." in the last post. Perhaps the KC Star should buck up and allow a preview.
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Very good article. Please keep up the good work!

Might I add for those who think less of the atheist, I'm a godless American, happily married with two wonderful children, consider taxes my voluntary contribution for a better society, give money to charity, help my neighbors, work the polls, and treat cancer patients. I'm also proud to be a member of a species that has come down from the trees, fought off disease, explored space, and developed laws that apply to all.

Best wishes.

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There is ZERO nonpartial evidence of God. You have to be a believer first, and then you see the evidence that support your beliefs.

Evolution is real and it is a fact. There is ZERO peer-reviewed evidence to support intelligent design.

Religious people, the burden of proof is on you, not atheists. You are the one making claims which you cannot support with any evidence. Use your brains not your hearts.

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As a Christian, I have been appalled by the "men of God" that scream that we are "voiceless victims in a secular society." What rubbish! We are the majority. These money-grubbing, self-promoters know that the underdog is the more sympathetic character and so they continue to cry their crocodile tears while they rake in the dollars. No wonder they want "In God We Trust" printed on our money.
Religion or non-religion that is crammed down someone's throat is not freedom of religion. When a young lady at our church asked why my daughter no longer attended, I told her that my daughter had decided against being confirmed.
"My mother would NEVER let me do THAT!" she exclaimed.
Where is the freedom of religion in that?
If we are not accepting of all beliefs, then there is no freedom of religion and I guess we could just take a vote and change our country's name from the United State of America to The Holy Christian Empire.
  • Posted by: Mary T. (wife of Joseph)
  • 2/23/2008 2:06 PM
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I'm sorry, but I support the Crusades, as facts today prove their necessity.
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I can't believe the comments on here. The writer acted like a sniveling little brat. Her disdain for anything conservative just oozed out of her. Disgusting.
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If you just ask people "Are you atheist?" you get a tiny fraction who will answer "yes", Actually, atheists represent between 12% and 18% of the US population when asked "do you believe a god exists? (yes, no, don't know) since both 'no and don't know' indicate an atheist, or someone lacking belief in a god. Yes, agnostics are atheist as well.
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The writer fails to point out that two of the worst tyrants of the 20th century, Stalin and Mao, effectively tried to ban religion. What communists countries are left still try to limit the distribution of bibles. Atheistic leaders have no moral foundation upon which to rest their beliefs- therefore, they have no bounds to what can be considered right or wrong.
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It is nice to see this sort of article appear in the newspaper. For those atheists, agnostics or other free thinkers out there that do not know another person of like mind, you should be aware that there are groups of us that get together on a regular basis. Check out my web site at ####www.kcfreethought.org to link to these groups.
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An Invitation to Moderate Religionists
Won?t you join us in our efforts to reclaim our civil liberties?
Atheists are not your enemies. I maintain we share more beliefs with each other than either of us share with fundamental evangelical Christians, or fundamental militant Muslims.
Some critics believe the influence of the religious right is waning as Bush's popularity sinks. However, Regent University founded by Pat Robertson openly teaches strategies to use the law to promote an evangelical agenda. Many graduates are choosing to pursue careers in politics.

Michael L. Weinstein and Davin Seay, ?With God on Our Side: One Man's War Against an Evangelical Coup in America's Military? show evidence that high-ranking military officers use their power to coerce recruits to attend evangelical, rapture-pushing religious services.

During the cold war between the United States and communist USSR, Christians, especially in the United States, assumed that atheism was the problem. This is when Christianity became equated with patriotism, when ?in God we trust? became our national motto and ?under God? sneaked into our pledge.

In reality, it was the immoral despotic leaders of Communist countries who were the real villains, the ones who sought to obliterate religion in deference to the absolute and unquestionable dogma of the sovereignty of the state.
During and after the cold war, the United States became fertile ground for the seeds of evangelical dominionist Christianity to grow and be nurtured.

Atheists are perceived as the bullies who want to deprive people of their right to worship as they wish. This is not the case. We have not voiced one single objection to religious displays at churches, temples, or mosques, on private properties, or on private business properties. We have made no attempt to restrict people from praying if they wish to do so. But you would think, from the volume of the ouch right winged religionists shout and the victim stance they garner when we advocate keeping religion out of our official government institutions that we are advocating the complete muzzling of everything religious everywhere. Not so.
Every atheist I know would fight for the right of people of faith to worship as they please so long as they do not break the laws of the land.
I invite all you Moderates, religionists who are ?people of faith,? but also ?people of reason,? to join us atheists, in support of our secular Constitution.

How about it?

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Being a Christian, I am truly sorry for the example of some of those who have turned the "grace of God into lasciviousness." Jude 4
In the Bible Jesus, Paul, and others warned us of the False that would come. These at the very least never truly became a disciple of Christ. These will truly pervert and lead many astray and be an example to those watching which is not true.
Jesus said in the end times HE will judge His church---maybe that is what you see now, as His pattern is often to use the unbeliever to execute His judgment.
There are those that are God fearing and honestly trying to live a life that will please and glorify their God.
Please forgive us!!
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Very good article, thanks!
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To "KUJT is a pinhead" (nice insulting name there by the way, real mature), you accuse others of not knowing history and then you turn around and claim that before judaism and christianity people didn't know how to be nice to each other and not be cannibals? What the HELL? Judaism and Christianity include in their laws lots of statements that aren't exactly bursting with "caring for others, care of the less fortunate, freedom, not stealing, killing, et al." Those elements are there of course, but so are the bits about stoning people. And by the way, there were plenty of other societies getting along just fine when judaism/christianity started, not running around eating each other. If you claim every good human impulse as a judeo-christian value, then yes, I suppose this country was founded on some of those values, but that is fundamentally dishonest. Judaism/Christianity did not INVENT niceness. Come on now.

Blah: Just fyi, there was a time when "conservative" meant something in this country besides pandering to the religious right. Conservative values got along just fine before fear of evil atheist commies in the 50's made showing off one's religious values the most important part of proving your conservatism.

To everyone who brought up Stalin and Mao: Please. I could name many, many other people who were just as bad AND religious. (Hint hint: Hitler was NOT an atheist.) But its a completely useless argument. Religious people can be good, and religious people can be bad. So can non-religious people. The difference that this article attempts to point out is that atheists don't generally start wars because the country next door believes something slightly different about our almighty creator. Yes, Stalin and Mao did try to crush religious expression, but this was not because they simply thought the world would be so much better if all people were atheists. It was a control tactic, an attempt to get rid of ANYTHING people could potentially have more allegiance to than the new regime. They were attempting to make the state the new god. Religious leaders have used instating a national religion in much the same manipulative way.

Tangentially related to my last point, you don't have to believe in god to have a "moral foundation" (I'm talking to you Kevin Jones.) Just think about it, if you weren't sure there was someone up in the sky checking up on you, would you really start running around and killing people? My guess would be no. It is completely possible to believe in being kind and just simply because this is good for society and we care about having a safe peaceful society for us and our loved ones. Oh yea, did you catch that? Atheists love people too. We're NOT evil god-hating-robots. Go figure.

The author of this article was simply dispelling some myths about atheism, in an attempt to explain that we're just normal people, and that we might actually be helpful in taking back this country from the religious right, a goal we share with many moderate believers. To all the Christians who actually listened to this instead of having a childish fit at the simple nerve this author had to say something about atheists other than "they're wrong/evil/killing america", thank you so much. People like you give me hope for this country.

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