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I was shocked and saddened to hear the change this morning on the radio. I used to wake up in the mornings to the sounds of Jen Ryan and John Tesh. I got comfortable with them and will really miss them. I don't know what I will be setting my alarm to now but I know it won't be to what's playing on 104.5 now. Will it be to Whoopi in the morning? Definitely not.
I was shocked by the change, too! What about the Smooth Jazz summer nights concerts that were to have begun last week?! I waited all year to see Steve Cole perform live next week....waaaaahhhhhhh! :o(
Clear Channel strikes again, limiting the variety of music provided to the citizens of this country. Does anyone else see how dangerous this corporate giant is in limiting your choices? They own almost everything in music. Radio stations, venues, and all artists have to cowtow to their rules and censorship or not be heard. Time to hurt them where it counts, through their advertisers. Stop bying products from Clear Channel advertisers! Or be sheep and do nothing.
What a stupid decision, Clear Channel. I want my Smooth Jazz back!
I will truly miss "The Sunlight Lounge" on Sunny, which played Sinatra, Ella, Tony Bennett, et al. on Sunday mornings . . . The thing is, is there a large audience for terrestrial radio anymore? Other than people who listen while driving, or while working in an office (where you have to find some non-offensive radio station that employees and customers will like), is there really a market for a radio station that is adventurous and/or thought-provoking?
I cannot believe they cut WJJZ 106.1!! I am in that target market that Clear Channel is "supposedly" targeting, and I am NOT happy about this change. I can go to any other random Clear Channel station and hear the same music all day every 15 minutes. The format is random and does not make sense. I don't like to be jolted awake with this mess, WJJZ was a gentle wake. NOT A GOOD DECISION!
Clear Channel has made a mistake in assuming that everyone wants to listen to the same thing. If I ever had a reason to switch to satellite, I have it now.

Just thought of something....contact Clear Channel directly at www.clearchannel.com and demand that they find another spot on the dial for this format to come back to PHL.

I agree that the "choice" of music as of late has become entirely too homogenized using their so-called "target audience" excuse. This is the only format of music that was reaildy acceptable in virtually every environment I went into. And the industry wonders why we are turning to iPods, downloads, satellite and MP3 players for our music!

Didn't the Nazis control the media?
The best contact for Clear Channel is Sandra Coyle at sandacoyle@clearchannel.com.
I sent an email to Clear Channel yesterday and received a response within an hour saying it was a local decision and they had no control over the situation.(?) My wife and I listened to WJJZ all the time and can't believe this format is gone. Hello XM.
I've been listening for thirteen years and just LOVE the music. We don't need another un-smooth radio station! What about the rest of us listeners that do not like rap, hip-hop, dance music, etc.? The format was perfect as is. The accountants have ruin another great radio station. This is the continuance of the dumbing down of America.
In the era of Monopolies, particularly in broadcasting, two once excellent radio stations are BOTH FLUSHED down the Toilet in one sudden yank and by one common owner. Now, they Both Stink!!!
for ten years i woke up with sade and marvin gaye and dave koz, etc. today i woke up with screaming "too many men, so little time" while it might be a good song on the dance floor, i will miss the soft sounds of smooth jazz and the soft spoken dj's. who wants to hear screaming dopey dj's in the morning? this is a terrible mistake and a sad day for Philadelphia. any body out there find a good station to listen to?????
What a dumb decision, yet another station of the same music.
I heard sunny was going to be a girl version of wysp - sex talk. Why aren't they all arrested for selling pornography?
This really sucks! I loved WJJZ Smooth Jazz Format and now we got another boring same old music radio station like at lot of others on here. I only knew it was a matter of time before this station would fall into the clutches of Clear Channel Corporate Hogs. That was the last radio station in Philly that I still listened too on a daily basis and now Im forced to get satellite radio. Philly Radio truly Sucks!!!
Michael Tossi's play list lacked ingenuity and innovation. You could always predict the next song. We new the oldies list by heart as well. It was a disservice to the talented artists who had many great selections on their cd s but you only heard one (1) cut - over and over and over and that was usually from 1990.
I am shocked and left feeling empty. I feel like a death has occurred...no more Europa!! Bring it back.
I am very disappointed,with the new format.
I loved WJJZ this really SUCKS !!!! There's enough talk about sex. It was a nice clean program.
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