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The team has the energy and enthusiasm of the 80 year old man.
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horrible play calling.....no defense in the second half, JoePa better seriously consider retirement when his contract expires in 2008.
very disappointing season...now on to some no-name bowl game
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Classic Morelli. I challenge anyone to name an game where PSU trailed in the 4th quarter and Morelli stepped up and won the game. I can't think of one instance.
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Last drive .... gave up on the run.
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We could have been the best-of-the-rest in the big ten. But next year could be special.
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Agree with a poster above..That last drive they coulda ran it in..
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Hummm, first half spartans can't stop the run. Second half, penn state changes to pass on first down. Should have kept ramming the ball down their throats, including when the got inside the red zone on the last drive.
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yes, we have an inherent problem and ultimately it has to rest with the coaching staff. did anyoneelse see a change in intensity during the last few games. msu wanted it more than we did. i think the team is generally demoralized dealing with all the issues. i wish i wasn`t so negative but an overhaul is needed.
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Where was the coaching when Morelli threw the ball over everyones head out of the end zone on first down. No one says anything and then he does it 2 more times. What about running or throwing short for the first down, then going for a more manageable end zone try. Morellis an idiot he needs people to tell him the obivous, and when no one coaches thats what happens. Not to mention zero adjustments on defense all day, and it showed in the second half. Absolutely horrible.
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How can anyone that has a right mind throw the ball DEEP 4 straight times when the ground game is working. Don't blame Morelli! It is the coaching staff that has to answer to such Horrible play calling! We had plenty of time on the clock and time outs left. The last thing you want to do is score too quickly and give the other team a possibility to win. WE DESPERATELY NEED A NEW COACHING STAFF.Why do we also not play our freshmen? What the hel..... are we saving them for!!!
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Don,t put all the blame on Morelli. 24-7 in the 3rd quarter. What happened to the DEFENSE and COACHING?
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These coaches do not have a clue! How bad was the second half? Run, run, run! No, pass, pass, and over-pass!
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here is the problem, Morrelli smells like one of Joe's "Depends"
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PSU is accepting of the status quo. Watch Penn State Football Story tomorrow and you will see a positive spin put on this loss. Lousy coaching and poor play calling on the last drive.
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WHY, after you are driving down the field, running the ball so well, would you just quit with the run, and have Morelli, through four...."FOUR" incompletions? One try would have been OK, but there was plenty of time to continue running the ball? Why go away from what is working so well..."My Opinion"(which is worth only that): Paterno wanted to give Morelli a chance to look good one last time....and Morelli, as good as he can be, studies the field, rather than scope and fire, and continues to get himself and his receivers bottled up....The point I am making is Morelli does not release the football with the quickness, and so, puts himself in danger of being sacked, and/or his WRs in danger of being completely covered, or having the ball intercepted. I am proud of ole Paterno, but sad for our PS fans whom love the Blue & White!
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I do agree with the status quo,and the positive spin
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I am not a football coach, but when you are on a possible game-winning drive, and a true freshman enters the game at running back, and is successful, why would anyone pull him out? Why go for a touchdown when all you needed was a first down, and plenty of time left on the clock? If they would have scored, they would have given Michigan State too much time to score, and go ahead. The Penn State defense has been exposed, and teams are capitalizing on it. It is not now just the offense, but both the offense and defense. And those short kickoffs? Why? Thank God this season is just about over. Regroup, and begin doing so with looking for a special teams coach, and too much space would be taken up here in mentioning which assistant coaches should go and why. The play calling on both sides of the ball was pretty good in the first half. What happened? Again, the Lions left another team do everything that they needed to in order to win. When is this going to stop? All of these assistant coaches need to be evaluated. It's a crime to waste all of this talent. I am sure this game will affect recruiting.
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What irratates me the most is listening to Joe on Tuesday telling us what a great athlete Anthony is. They both Eat The Big One!!!! Well at least one of the bums is gone.
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MOrrelli would be a GRAET quaterback....
On a division 2 team
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This was beyond pathetic! Whatever you do coach, don't stop scheduling the likes of Buffalo, and Temple etc. so you can still stumble into a no name bowl at the end of the season.
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