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    • Dispute with BOE heading to trial
Houston County BOE, Your going to LOSE this one. What the mother wanted doesnt sound out of line. I hope she takes the BOE to court once she wins.
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It is all about money. How much is the BOE going to get paid for special ed kids (I know special ed teachers are paid more). Truancy laws have nothing to do with "educating the poor children", they have everything to do with how federal/state dollars are sent to the school system. I see right throught this garbage and everyone else should too! In a "free" country you should have the freedom to educate your children the way you want to, not the socialist government/teacher school system.
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No, you don't get to educate your child the way you want in a school system no more than you get to dictate the processes at the tag office or at DFACS or with the tax assesing of property values. In the schools, there are too many kids. If each parent was able to make their own decision for what happens inside the classroom, I doubt good learning would happen because there would be too many hands in the pot, so to speak. There are guideline the BOE follows to best suit the kids of Houston County and I don't think there is any reasonable argument against their track record as an educational system!

Starting letting parents - whom many would suggest is the problem with today's education - run the schools would be a bad idea, I think.

So, home school the child and lose her funding. Suggest that behavioral scientists and teachers and parapros visit you home, and cost the system more.

In any case, good luck to the child!

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As one the Education Advocates for the child in this case; I would like to clear up some misinterpretations in this article of what is going on in this case. First, I want to make sure EVERYONE understands that I appreciate those in education that are dedicated and serve our children, but not everyone in Georgia?s Education System is on the up and up and the corruption and politics needs to STOP!

Let me clarify:

1. The Mother is NOT the one seeking a day in court.

Please check the court recorded documents

2. The Mother is the "Defendant" in this case, it is she that is being unjustly prosecuted and persecuted by some overzealous school system officials, who apparently feel they are above the law and are now retaliating because their unethical practices of intimidation and bullying parents into homeschooling their child with a disability or face unjust prosecution and the financial burden of going into debt for following the medical advice of her medically ill child's doctor.

3. The mother can not "just simply" homeschool her child.

The mother is NOT a teacher and she needs help educating her child with special needs. BTW, she repeatedly asked the school to provide her with the worksheet and curriculum, so she could teach him at home and the school refused to give it to her. This was in January of 2007.

But the more important question is:
Why should she "simply homeschool" her child, when she pays taxes for education?

a. Education is the basic civil right afforded to EVERY child in Georgia, which is a responsibility the State of Georgia decided they would undertake and collect taxes for.

Why would anyone pay for a service they aren't getting?

4. The mother is NOT seeking federal funds or any kind of funds. Again, it is the school system that filed the frivilous and unjust criminal charges against the mother. The school system and their cronies would like the public to think that this is nothing more than a citizen seeking money, but the truth is that the school system has received the "additional" Federal Funds to educate this child with a disability and are not being held accountable for their legal responsibility of educating this child.

5. The school system is abusing their power and wasting our tax dollars by making frauduluent allegations and then trying to legally sanction their unethical practices by using the excuse that they are only doing their job and enforcing Georgia?s "compulsory" attendance (truancy) laws.

It is a sad day in America, when government employees in our schools can start making medical decisions for the children of public citizens enrolled in Georgia Public Schools, without consent of the parents.

It is a sad day in America, when School Employees can start to practice medicine without a license and then use the law to sanction their actions.

This case is about Freedom in America. The right to live Peacefully in our Country, FREE from unjust and unwarranted prosecution and persecution of Government employees who feel they are above the law.

Hello - that is the entire reason for our Constitution and why we ended up in America.

We are starting a Defense Fund for Betsy Loiacono, as she faithfully stands for the Right of ALL Parents to follow the medical advice of their medically ill children, who are enrolled in Georgia Public Schools, not to mention EVERY child's "CIVIL" right not to be excluded from receiving a Free Appropriate Public Education.

The only thing Betsy has ever asked for is for her 7 year old child with Autism receive an appropriate education ? Nothing more.

You should be ashamed of yourselves Houston County School System ?
STOP bullying and intimidating parents and their children.
STOP trampling on the rights of parents to make medical decisions for their children and
STOP practicing medicine without a license on the public?s children

Stick to doing YOUR job and educate Georgia?s Children

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Angry Taxpayer: Where are you getting your information- "I know Special Ed Teachers get paid more". If that is the case, then I want my extra back pay for all the years that I have been a special education teacher in Houston County and have received the same pay as every other regular ed teacher. Pay is based on years as a teacher and the type of degree you hold, masters, 6 yr, etc. Not the subject that you teach! Please correct me if I am wrong and let me know who to contact for my money!
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Special Ed Teacher,

I may be wrong, but I think Angry Taxpayer was referring to extra money school systems receive from the Federal Government to take care of the needs of Students with Disabilities in Georgia Public Schools.

Many citizens complain about "special education" students being a financial burden on the system and taxpayers and dragging education down for children that do not have disabilities.

The Federal Government does provide "extra" funds for the educational needs of Children with Disabilities in Georgia and every other state in the country.

The law requires more of Special Education Teacher and their are additional funds, so if you are not getting more pay, then the system is jipping you too.

Unfortunately, too many good teachers are underpaid and unappreciated by those in schools in higher places that abuse their authority and are highly compensated.

Thank you for all you do for our most vulnerable children in Georgia Public Schools.

  • Posted by: Carmen Allen - Education Advocate
  • 7/13/2007 12:00 PM
  • 1975.6 Report Violation
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This entire story is just horrible. BOE needs to back off and let the mother and the child's doctor make the recommendations. In a letter to the mother reported in the last Telegraph story the BOE reportedly said that the "medical doctor should value the opinion of the educators." Well, that works both ways, BOE. Why doesn't the BOE respected the medical advice of doctors? And the parental advice of a parent?

What it boils down to is the idea that the government can take better of us than ourselves. Just ridiculous!

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I have paid for over 30 years for services I've not gotten. My children attended private schools.

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hey carmen, help me figure out how this quote (I know special ed teachers are paid more) means the school system receives more money. also, what exactly are your credentials? i'm single with no children so why do i have to "pay for a service i'm not getting?" the board should have to send a parapro to my house every day to tidy up for me because i'm paying. what is the medical reason he can't go back? if this started in january, it's been more than 4-6 weeks so what's the problem? some parents have very unrealistic expectations of what should be provided for their child at the expense of other parents and taxpayers.
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My boy was a special ed student in Houston County and he was treated like gold and not bullied nor intimidated by any of the BOE folks. Weird. I let the school system, a group of people who certainly know more about education than I do, take care of my boy and he has turned out much better than if I had taught him at home or used someone else's money to do so.
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Ok, the way I see it educating children falls under three options. One, send him or her to private school. Two, send him or her to public school. Three, homeschool the child.

If one cannot homeschool their child, pick the first or second choice. By sending them to school, I would guess you would fall into thier guidelines and rules/regulations, etc.

If the BOE has to start paying for homeschooling, then what? Where does No Child Left Behind fall into all of this? Is the BOE liable for how well or poorly one is homeschooled?

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HELLO- I missed the section in the constitution where it says parents and doctors have the right to tell publicly funded schools what to do. My pediatrician is a good friend of mine. I'm gonna get him to write a letter and demand the board educate my child in hawaii because of his allergies. They will have to pay for my airfare and room and board of course. If they refuse, I will take them to court because they don't have the right to "practice medicine" or tell parents and Doctors what they will or will not do. I'm sure there is another side to this story but, the board can't go nuts in the newspaper because of confidientiality laws. Education advocates obviously aren't held to the same level of professionial standards. Also, I would like the case number for the parapro who assaulted the child, as I am sure the parents pressed charges.
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to the parent who's boy was a specail ed kid in Houston County, You probably loved the service because you did not know any better. I bet if you had gone to FL and had your child there you would be singing another tune about how wonderful Houston County Special Education is. You would find out what a travesty is going on here in this state.
  • Posted by: I know something you don't
  • 7/13/2007 1:52 PM
  • 1975.13 Report Violation
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It is my understanding that the parents had made police reports regarding school staff. It looks to me that te parents in this situation have done all that is legally required of them in the situation of haing a child with a disability who is medically ill.

When the gov't can start telling parents what they can and cannot do for the medical needs of their child....that is the day we will loose our freedom to be parents in America.

Hello? I SAW the section in the OCGA where a child who is medically excused from school is EXEMPT from the compulsory attendance laws alltogether? So, what is the purpose of this whole unjust prosecution against parents who have sick kids, or is it just the sick and disabled kids? Hmmmm..... last I checked all children are entitled to equal access of school programs and that includes HCSS homebound program offered to ALL children in the county who are medically excused for at least 1o days. What happened to that? It does not say if schools agree or feel like it, or like the child....it says equal access for all. Tax payers need to wonder how much the county is spending on this situation...wouldn't it be more cost effective to use the $$$$ to educate the children?????

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Again, what is the medical reason this child can't attend school? You seem to have all the answers, but they are very one sided and leave out lots of important facts. If the parents and others are going to air this out on a public forum, the board should be allowed to the same. One poster claimed a para-pro assaulted the child. There were no arrests, yet this person can slander another with no proof.
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you have plenty of freedom as a parent. homeschool and private school are some other options. if you want the taxpayer to pay for it, you have to follow the rules set by your elected officials. any arrests on the police complaints? i guess they're in on it too. the entire houston county government, with some assistance from the state of georgia is out to get this one parent. it's a shame we can't hear the boards' side of the story. i bet it would be very different from the side we hear from the mom.
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To Anonymous Poster of ?My Boy?

I?m very happy for you and your experience with your child. Unfortunately, it?s not the case with many other parents. As a matter of fact 3 parents have already been unjustly criminally charged for following the medical advice of their child?s doctor. Thank GOD some students are getting an appropriate education. Please read the court recorded documents: this case is NOT the Parent taking the school to court and asking for ANYTHING. It is the school taking the parent to court, for following the advice of her child?s doctor.

  • Posted by: Carmen - Education Advocate
  • 7/13/2007 3:09 PM
  • 1975.17 Report Violation
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And all parents in Houston County have the option of the homebound program....as this is part of the education their tax dollars provide when their child is medically unable to attend school for at least 10 days? Why is this child ot entitled to the same? Why should they have to homeschool their child with disabilies and medical condition, when everyone else in the county has this option available? Why should this child be denied what is provided and a local school board policy to provide to all the children? So all parents are supposed to withdrawl their kids from public school when they have a medical condition making it unable for them to attend? And, they must now homeschool, when there is a program the school offers for this for all children? This makes no sense, unless schools are allowed to practice medicine now. Seems like the real crime is bullying any parents (of all children) with a medically ill child to homeschool their kids, instead of providing the program they have available already called Homebound instruction....look it up in the local school board policies..........
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My Floridian Friend --
I don't want to live in Florida!

I would suggest that I do know better as I have been in education for over 14 years, although I did not mention that in my previous post. Fact is, I live in Houston County now because I sought out a superior school system for my boy to develop in when I compared the surrounding areas that were reasonably available to me. Although I am a product of private schools in Georgia, I did not feel the ones available to me had the resources to serve my boy's needs. We moved here, began paying taxes here and enrolled in school here. By enrolling, I put my faith in a system of administrators, faculty, and rules that I felt were the best fit for me and my family. Things are better in Norway, I am sure, but I won't be moving there either.

Would this case be any different had it been in another system?

In my opinion, when presented with an education question concerning your children, you take stock of where you are, what's offered and available, and you make the best decision. I am happy Florida has a great system and do not knock them for what they have, but I won't be moving, just visiting.

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To anonymous poster of ?Hello. I missed the section in The Constitution?

The part that says ?We?, ?the People? have the right

As far as your friendship with your doctor and what they would/wouldn?t write for you ? Drs are held to a code and if they prescribe things that are unreasonable and not medically correct, then there is a system by which to determine that. Please stop confusing the facts. This case has NOTHING to do with the parent asking for ANYTHING. It is the school that is taking the parent to court, not the other way around.

As for your insulting the professional standards of Education Advocates- LOL. I guess there are those that will resort to insults and personal attacks, when they can?t argue with the facts and truth of the issue at hand.

  • Posted by: Carmen - Education Advocate
  • 7/13/2007 3:32 PM
  • 1975.20 Report Violation
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